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Tech Marketing Therapy

A few weeks back, I was coerced into spending a few days with 60 CMOs at an inaugural CMO Club session in New York, uniquely dubbed the “You’re Not Alone” Summit. As a marketing executive who works with other marketing peers every day, I was a bit leery about a session that sounded like an indie horror movie. I eventually jumped in for the therapy session and glad I did.

Welcome to the Cool Table

By this point, I am sure everyone in the world has seen Superbad—it is likely the most kick ass movie to come out in a long time. There are a couple of reasons for that:

Research Overview

Insight into the business technology audience can help technology marketers fine tune marketing communications and media usage, launch new and tweak existing products or services, expand into new markets, create business plans, and pinpoint optimal IT decision makers.

Some of the questions you can have answered include: