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Live Events: More Important Than Ever

There has been much speculation regarding the health of Live Events with Apple’s recent announcements that Steve Jobs will not keynote MacWorld in January and they will no longer support the event after 2009.

The Next Big Shift: From Customer-Facing to Customer-Embracing

A while back, businesses of all kinds were looking for IT tools that would make their sales teams more productive. For a while, the killer stack was the DayTimer, which let sales folks keep all their paper-and-pen junk in one 20-pound case. Cell phones were another step in the right direction, but still terribly limited. Then notebook computers, which let sales pros have an automated contact list, and then some PowerPoint decks, and then some e-mail.

Display Ads Help Search Campaigns

According to new reserach, paid and organic searches and clicks are dramatically influenced by online display ads, lifting search queries overall by 155%. Check out the full story at BtoB.

Jack Welch Sage Advice on What to Do Now with Global Economic Uncertainty

I had the privilege of listening to Jack Welch @ CA World last week. In vintage Welch straight talk, he laid out 4 “to-dos” that every leader needs to do RIGHT NOW. Simple points, but man have they have stuck with me. Obvious as they may sound, I have shared them repeatedly with colleagues and friends. And we and other leaders and leading companies are acting on them.

Social Media Gets Down To Business

(from Uphoff on Media)

There are now hundreds of millions of people actively engaged on social networks, blogs and micro messaging services, literally dwarfing any other media in size or level of activity. And there are more joining everyday. Social media has truly come of age. A year ago, in a presentation

Interview with Kevin Lee from Foundry Networks

Kevin Lee is Corporate Marketing Director for Foundry Networks, a leading provider of high-performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing and Web traffic management solutions. We talked about his marketing goals for 2009, including reaching up to senior IT executives and leveraging social media.

TV Redefined Before Your Eyes

Write this down: We will look back on these few years – ostensibly 2006 until the end of this decade – as the remarkable revolution of television. We are transforming it right now and, I fear, not appreciating it. Time-shifting was just a blip, and I don’t mean to diminish it, but like the west-coast offense, small ball and reality-TV, it’s just one building block among many.

Moving Forward From Reach to Engagement

About a year ago, I was invited to give a presentation to an industry group on the subject of “The Future of the Internet.” Now, the good thing about a subject that broad is that I could say just about anything; on the flip side, that future weighs heavily over every business in profound ways and deserves a rigorous examination. So to begin my research, I took the obvious strategic-thinker step: I buzzed around YouTube to come up with some ideas.

On IT Security, Religion and What Readers Will Tell You If You Ask

One of my favorite things about working in media is talking to our readers and users. They’re quick to tell you what’s up in the real world, what they’re dealing with on a day to day basis and what we as publishers and marketers can do (or not do for that matter) to help them be more effective in their jobs. So recently when my boss asked me to assume business responsibility

Research Resources for Social Media

Want to gain a better understanding of what your competitors are doing, what is being said about your and your markets, than this article is for you. Great resources to use in developing your own social media plan!

Social Media Research Resources: By billbaird on July 24, 2008