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Do Your White Papers Suck?

Plain and simple, white papers have become synonymous with “brochureware” by most Professional IT buyers. Don’t get me wrong, they are an incredibly important source of information and used by IT professionals every day to get smart and up to speed. In fact, 76% of IT pros use them every week, according to InformationWeek’s latest White Paper Marketing Best Practices research.

New Education Based Video Formats

At TechWeb TV, we’ve been experimenting with several new video formats. Not just because we can, but because we believe that every content type (text, photos, blogs, social media, audio/podcasts and video) should be maximized for it's express purpose, as well as integrated for a multi-media view of information.

Big & Small Marketing Ideas That Work

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending time with 20 very sharp tech marketing executives in a ½-day working session in Silicon Valley. The agenda was simple: discuss marketing best practices, what’s working, and share ideas. While there was much Marketing Therapy and intervention, it was an awesome reminder how many smart ideas are at work – even in a whacky economy.

Your Marketing ADD Fix: That Smaller Budget

In my last entry (Bull’s Butt or Bull’s Eye), I discussed how not only focusing on the wrong activities, but also performing them in a redundant manner, was the best way to become redundant (and easily replaceable). When business is bustling and budgets grow, we typically experience “marketing attention deficit disorder” -- not having enough time to focus on all the activities we’re taking on. So, now is an opportune moment to make some fixes for the better.

Video Research

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Hey Marketing: Be Sales’ Wingmen

Let’s cut to the chase – many large and small organizations still have major marketing and sales alignment issues (sometimes called “power struggles”) when it comes to operating philosophies and delivering value as collaborators (1+1 is supposed to equal 3 not just 2).

Twitter: Everyone's a Novice

Twitter is currently the most discussed and least understood social medium in marketing circles. How do we use it; do we need a face or can a brand tweet? What about ghost writers and using RSS feeds? All of this and more was discussed at the TWTRCON (#twtrcon) event held in San Francisco last week. You know its a hot topic when over 200 people show up to discuss Twitter as a business platform on a Sunday!

Happy Birthday COBOL and the Birth of Online Media

The programming language COBOL just turned 50 years old. 77% of the population would say whoopdeedoo to that, as they’ve never even heard of COBOL. But according to a recent Dr. Dobb’s Code Talk blog (a community platform for the future of programming), 60-80 percent of the world's enterprises still rely on COBOL to run their business. Many predict it will be around for another 50 years. Mid-life crisis? You be the judge.