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InformationWeek Global CIO Chat - Cloud Computing

A recent InformationWeek Analytics report shows that more than 50 percent of IT respondents are either currently using or considering cloud computing – a clear indicator of corporate embracing of the cloud for the enterprise.  Bob Evans discusses the market’s hottest technology trend with Rob Preston and John Foley.

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InformationWeek Global CIO Chat - Next Practices Research

InformationWeek Global CIO's Bob Evans gives tech marketers a preview of InformationWeek’s Global CIO Next Practices Research

 – a first-of-its-kind analysis focused around the priorities, strategies and practices of more than 860 business technology executives worldwide.

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"Virtual Reality"

The early promise of Second Life is now becoming reality. Even if it’s virtual. There is an inherent irony in the growth of virtual events as well as social media - and it has significant implications for marketers. Over the last several years virtual environment and social media communities and networks have grown exponentially. During this same time, so has live media.

Live Event Research

Part of the Tech Marketing::Best Practices Research Series

Using Face to Face Events To Build Deep Relationships With Business Technology Buyers

TechWeb's newest tech marketing research focuses on the value of face to face events. 

Case Study: The Value of Print

Larry Stein, Senior Marketing Director for KACE, recently answered some questions for us on the role of print advertising in KACE’s overall marketing strategy.

Web Stats Every Marketer Needs

I came across a blog post from Harvard Business Publishing, “Five Mind-Blowing Web Stats You Should Know,” that I immediatley started IM’ing to my collegues. 

These numbers will make you stop and think about how far we have come and then wonder what will come next.  It’s definatley worth a full read but here are the highlights;

Customer References

Acquiring, managing and providing quality customer references to sales teams has always been a challenge for marketing teams of all sizes. We don't want to over use, jepordize future sales or plain screw up the relationship for our sales team, but peer to peer references are the most influential in closing a sale.

Bad IT Means a Bad CEO

My colleague Bob Evans, SVP and Managing Director of InformationWeek’s Global CIO, posted an insightful blog after seeing CEO of HP Mark Hurd talk about the relationship between CEO and IT. 

White Paper Syndication Options

Looking for options to drive engagement and lead generation with your white papers? TechWeb participated in an report by Stephanie Tilton of Ten Ton Marketing that reviews your many options in the area of white paper syndication.