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Content Connects: The Most Effective Ways to Deliver Your Marketing Messages

{92a7e0f0-5e1f-4f94-b4cb-1f749cc7551b}_LandingPage_ContentConnects_v2The 2015 Content Connects report studies the content consumption habits of technology professionals, identifying the range of content formats that inform IT buyers and measures the actions that content inspires.

The research examines the following content types: webinars/virtual events, research, video, vendor content/advertising, mobile, digital radio, white papers, infographics and slide shows. We’ve seen that the format you select to present your marketing messages can be almost as important as the content of the message itself, and each of the formats has different attributes when it comes to connecting with your audience. Choose wisely, and you’ll ensure that the IT pros who absorb your content will be more inclined to take the next step on the road to making a final purchasing decision.


  • 92% say that business technology-related information needs to be current or timely
  • 67% are familiar with sponsored native advertising content
  • 64% of business technology professionals deem content more credible if it's from an independent source

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