Working at UBM Tech

One of the most effective ways to know what it is like to work at a company is to talk to its employees. And while that isn’t always easy to do, we hope that the employee perspectives featured in below will give you some insights about our work environment.

Meet some of our employees, and hear what they have to say about working at UBM Tech. 

marco_p“UBM Tech is a truly unique company. A rare culture exists where excellence and passion are intertwined with fun and camaraderie, attracting the best quality individuals in the industry. The result is a diverse and interesting team that continues to achieve a phenomenal record of success. UBM Tech is a great place to work, to learn and to grow your career.” Marco, President, Events


kelly“UBM Tech is defined by a culture of excellence, by people striving to provide the best services to our valued customers. The energy, initiative and passion of UBM Tech employees results in a truly dynamic work environment.” Kelly, Sales Intelligence & Operations Director 


emily“I like the community and closeness of our teams. It’s nice to work with people you respect and enjoy.” Emily, Associate Marketing Manager 



kristen“Funny that my title is ‘People & Culture,” because that is what I like most about working for UBM Tech – the PEOPLE and the CULTURE! We have a team of proven professionals who are recognized as industry leaders in their fields.” Kristen, People & Culture Generalist


jvlock“I’m proud to be part of the UBM Tech team. It is truly a unique company. The culture promotes a perfect balance of organization and independence, offering employees the structure they need to run the business and the freedom to innovate.” Jonathan, VP of Client Marketing Strategy


karen“I left a senior position at a rival company to join UBM and without a doubt it was the best career decision I’ve ever made.” Karen, Senior VP of Content


JJ Interop“I am a very lucky person. I’ve worked at UBM for over 15 years, travelled the world, worked on successes and a few failures (gotta learn from your mistakes!) and have an amazing collection of friends. Friends doesn’t quite capture it, UBM is my extended family. I jumped on opportunities to grow and UBM has supported me all the way.” Jennifer Jessup, General Manager, Interop