Our Values

UBM Tech’s values are centered on innovation, serving our customers, sustainability and community. Our lasting commitment to these values are why our customers and clients continue to rely on our resources and conduct business with us.


Since the late 1980’s – when UBM incorporated its volunteer and giving Foundation – UBM has made a priority of Corporate Social Responsibility and its continual evolution:

  • Our employees regularly participate and work with nonprofit organizations associated with each UBM local office and the diverse events and conferences we produce.
  • Community involvement is core to who we are – from providing UBM office  equipment into a free store of recycled office supplies, furniture and computers to realizing the educational importance and relevance of enabling nonprofit executives to participate and contribute to conversations and content at the many live and digital events we produce around the globe.
  • We encourage employee Volunteer Release Time and immersion into the community, hosting nonprofit staff and the students they support so that UBM events serve as an annexed classroom in collaboration with the professionals attending and speaking at our conferences.
  • We strive to do business sustainably. Our business decisions take into account the long-term interests of the local communities where we operate and the global environment.
  • UBM and the UBM Tech produce Business4Better www.business4better.org a nonprofit-corporate partnership event and movement, the inaugural U.S. iteration of UBM’s global cycle of events solely focused on cross-sector engagement; completely not-for-profit, with revenue soundly directed into communities via nonprofit partners.


UBM Tech is motivated to understand how our employees – their expertise, tools and dynamic innovation – conduct ongoing business while delivering substantial, effective and long-term community initiatives that align with our values.