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Search Over 185 Million Electronic Parts

Datasheets.com, created in partnership with SiliconExpert Technologies, a leading provider of electronic component management tools, enables design engineers and electronics purchasing professionals to quickly and easily find electronics parts and inventory. Visit site »

Where Chipheads Connect

DesignCon is the largest meeting of board designers and the only event that addresses chip design engineers’ chip, system and package challenges. Visit site »

Exciting Potentials

The Designers of Things conference is dedicated to the exciting potential of wearable technology, 3D printing and the internet of things. This growing community of designers, developers, innovators and project funders will have the opportunity to come together, see and touch a large showcase of the latest technologies and products, and learn about the state of the industry with an eye toward future innovations and opportunities. Visit site »

The Premier Online Community for Global Supply Chain Professionals

EBN provides the platform for the world’s electronic industry supply chain community where those professionals can generate and sustain ideas and access tools to help make critical decisions to create an improved supply chain environment. Visit site »

Information, News, and Business Strategy for Electronics Design Engineers

The EDN Network is an electronics community for engineers, by engineers, providing the information, tools, courses and professional connections they need to get their ideas from concept to reality as quickly as possible. Visit site »

Celebrating Engineering Innovation

EE Live! Conference and Expo is where engineers and product developers discover new solutions, and practical, actionable approaches to reducing time and complexity in the product development process. Get the latest information on Embedded Security, the Internet of Things, Embedded Android, C++, Open Source Hardware, and more. Visit site »

The Information Powerhouse for the Global Electronics Industry

The voice of the electronics industry for almost 40 years, EE Times is the largest independent engineering resource for design engineers, design managers, technologists and business leaders, offering news analysis and opinion on the technology and business issues that shape their world. Visit site »

Cracking the Code to Systems Development

Embedded is the resource for everything embedded systems designers need to create the complex systems that drive today’s consumer, communication and industrial products: breaking news, in-depth product information, design insight and access to product and design issue archives. Visit site »

All Signal No Noise

Planet Analog is an online community dedicated to analog designers interested in advancing state-of-the-art analog design techniques, technologies, integration, and application. Analog aficionados, experts and newbies alike, connect daily to hone their skills, share their experiences, and have some fun. The community consists of blogs, message boards, live chats, whitepapers, and other educational resources. Visit site »

Centralized Education and Training for Electronics and Design Engineers

TechOnline helps engineers stay abreast of the latest technologies and training materials through the language of learning including webinars, tech papers, courses and videos via rich education and training platform.  Visit site »