Our Values and Commitment to the Communities Around Us

Our continuing evolution is fueled by insight, innovation, collaboration and investment in people, and by our commitment to having a positive social and environmental impact. Our lasting commitment to social and community values are just one of the reasons why our customers and clients continue to rely on our resources and conduct business with us.

Community - Volunteering and Employee Fundraising

UBM employees are encouraged to undertake volunteering activities and are given paid time off each year to volunteer. We blend our volunteering and pro bono activities with our events, pioneered by UBM LLC Foundation. UBM’s US Foundation has been linking business and society for 25 years. It continues to manage legacy programs, focusing on local, grassroots, extracurricular volunteerism and increasingly encourages pro bono engagement and global perspective alongside the office day-to-day and within the events space.In 2013, the Foundation supported 270 nonprofits per volunteer and giving activity. UBM Tech, UBM Canon, UBM LLC Resource Center and UBM US Head office employees participated in over 150 volunteer efforts – from individual after-hour initiatives to volunteer release time to partnership with sister-company employees or external business colleagues focused on improving social conditions and providing social value. Employees donated and raised at least 75K in funding for nonprofit beneficiaries. And approximately 95K (91% of total funding) was distributed by the Foundation to nonprofits for direct client services based on an array of volunteer-based and match grants by way of interested, thoughtful and committed employees.Highlights include:

  • Our Marketing Services division coordinated an additional day ahead of their annual team meeting to help build a home with a sweat-equity client of Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona
  • Our senior event management retreat included a workforce development mentorship activity with IT/QA students from Year Up; Interop Las Vegas also hosted YU students and IT staff, while attending UBM CIOs made extra time to travel offsite, tour Three Square Food Bank and make meals for inner-city youth participating in after-school programs
  • App Developers Conference and Game Developers Conference Next presented to attendees an electronic educational memo relaying event sustainability practices, resources and take-home tips in conjunction with the Los Angeles Convention Center; Teach for America received leftover exhibitor and conference materials; and University of Southern California Advanced Games Project and MFA students attended the events thanks to 50 VIP all access passes and additional complimentary expo passes
  • GDC held a Game Career Summit, provided pro bono booth space to the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (which also hosts free youth programming classes) and sponsored an Indie Giving volunteer day and benefit in partnership with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, underwriting Flash Gaming Summit passes for the volunteers and granting all Indie Games Summit package proceeds to GGNPC
  • InformationWeek donated banner ad space in response to their client’s hunger awareness campaign for City Harvest
  • Our annual winter holiday card newly honored each client recipient with a monetary contribution to Code for America; a CfA fellow was also a keynote speaker at Interop NY

UBM matches the fundraising efforts and regular donations by its employees. We also donate computer and other equipment to schools, and donate stands from our events to NGOs. Our events in the US coordinate with venues and local not-for-profit agencies to organize food donations from events to local soup kitchens and support centers.


For us, being a sustainable business isn’t just about being green, it’s about how UBM achieves business success today. This means being profitable, while assuring its success tomorrow through long-term responsible management and stewardship. For more information on UBM’s sustainability approach, visit our corporate site.