About Us

A Global Media Business Serving the Technology Industry

We provide trusted live and online platforms where technology professionals can exchange ideas, connect around compelling market issues, and discover new solutions, products and services. Our audiences are shaping the future of business and technology with the insight, analysis and connections that we provide.

We have years of experience producing technology events, and many tools designed to cement relationships and continue engagement. This enables us to help you throughout the entire event marketing process, including pre-event content marketing with our online brands, best practices onsite and post-event conversations.


Engaging Technology Pros Live and Online

UBM Americas proudly serves the following communities:

Hosting these professional communities are UBM Americas’ world-renowned brands including InformationWeek, Interop ITX, Black Hat, Game Developers Conference (GDC), Content Marketing Institute (CMI), Dark Reading and Enterprise Connect.  It is within our branded communities that technology professionals gather offline and online for critical discussions, advice, news and debate.


Services and Solutions For Technology Marketers 

We’re the only company that delivers both largescale industry events and leading online brands. We’re dedicated to fostering real engagement by creating environments where you can make connections, share insights and network effectively with technology professionals.

For more information on how UBM Americas can help your technology marketing efforts, please contact us.


Create Your Next Customer

UBM Americas’ site dedicated to technology marketers, featuring practical insight, best practices and research. The site also houses our brands’ media kits, product sheets and more. Visit us at www.createyournextcustomer.com.


UBM Americas is a part of UBM (UBM.L), a global provider of media and information services with a market capitalization of more than $2.5 billion.