About Us


A Global Media Business Serving the Technology Industry

We are a global media business that brings together the world’s technology communities through live events, online properties and custom services. UBM Tech’s community-focused approach provides editorially-facilitated environments for professional decision makers to freely exchange ideas and connect around the most pressing market issues they face to help shape the future of the technology market.

From electronics engineering and software development, to information technology and security, UBM Tech brings together the world’s technology communities. Our online and offline communities include the engineers designing the latest device, to the developers coding apps for it, to the technical professionals behind the infrastructure that allows it to communicate with the world, to the IT and business executives who turn the device—and the data and possibilities it creates—into bottom-line business value.

We serve the people who define how we live, work and play through technology. Our mission is to inform and inspire them with high-value business information that’s targeted to specific technologies and disciplines, and delivered with an understanding of how multiple technologies and disciplines work together in an increasingly connected world.

Where The Future of Technology Takes Shape

UBM Tech proudly serves the following communities:

Hosting these professional communities are UBM Tech’s world-renowned brands including InformationWeek, Interop, Black Hat, EE Times, Game Developers Conference (GDC), Wall Street & Technology, HDI and DesignCon.  It is within our branded communities that technology professionals gather offline and online for critical discussions, advice, news and debate.

Services and Solutions For Technology Marketers 

UBM Tech also helps technology vendors connect and engage with its communities of professional decision makers through a host of innovative marketing services and products.  

Create, UBM Tech’s boutique marketing services group, includes custom events, content marketing solutions, community development and demand generation programs based on its content and technology market expertise. 

CreateYourNextCustomer.com is a site dedicated to providing advice, insight and research to technology marketers.  The site also houses UBM Tech brand community media kits, product sheets and more.

UBM Tech is a part of UBM (UBM.L), a global provider of media and information services with a market capitalization of more than $2.5 billion.